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Twin Vee PowerCats Co. is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of recreational and commercial power catamaran boats. We believe our company, founded in 1996, has been an innovator in the recreational and commercial power catamaran industry. We currently have ten (10) gas-powered models in production ranging in size from our 24-foot, dual engine, center console to our newly designed 40-foot offshore 400 GFX and two additional gas-powered models being marketed now for delivery in one to three months. Our twin-hull catamaran running surface, known as a symmetrical catamaran hull design, adds to the Twin Vee ride quality by reducing drag, increasing fuel efficiency and offering users a stable riding boat. Twin Vee’s home base operations in Fort Pierce Florida is a 7.5-acre facility with several buildings totaling over 75,000 square feet. We employ approximately 85 people, some of whom have been with our company for over twenty years.

Our boats allow consumers to use them for a wide range of recreational activities including fishing, diving and water skiing and commercial activities including transportation, eco tours, fishing and diving expeditions. We believe that the performance, quality and value of our boats position us to achieve our goal of increasing our market share and expanding the power catamaran boating market. We primarily sell our boats through a current network of 10 independent boat dealers in 14 locations across North America and the Caribbean who resell our boats to the end user Twin Vee customers. We continue recruiting efforts for high quality boat dealers and seek to establish new dealers and distributors domestically and internationally to distribute our boats as we grow our production and introduce new models.

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